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      太倉人才網 [登錄] 2020年06月04日 星期四 您是第 1099163865 位訪者(今天第 183664 位訪問者)  目前在線 4987版本更新 設為首頁 | 加入收藏
      職位關鍵詞(點擊搜索): MRO Buyer; Buyer; MRO; 

      MRO Buyer (747339)

      招聘單位:歐托凱勃汽車線束(太倉)有限公司 [2020-06-04]  閱讀:

      職位名稱: MRO Buyer 職位類別: 采購/物流類
      工作性質: 全職 應聘/招聘人數: 11/1
      工作地區: 太倉市 作息制度:
      住房食宿: 月薪水平: 面議或未公開
      工作描述: Job Description:
      1.Responsible for sourcing and supplier management for indirect commodity including MRO commodities.
      2.Carrying out RFQ, sourcing, etc. purchasing activities needed in an area of indirect materials (incl. fixture, tool, equipment, MRO, plastic injection mould/tooling, etc.) in potential new project bidding phase, kicked-off new project development phase, & daily operation phase in the plant.
      3.Finish purchasing activities on time incl. release orders/contracts on time, and also monitoring the ordering and delivery process of suppliers, in order to guarantee timely delivery with qualified quality.
      4.Negotiate pricing, contract terms, delivery schedules, issue contracts and other long-term agreements needed to suppliers of indirect materials.
      5.Manage & continually develop supply base
      6.Apply for payment on indirect materials/fixture/equipment/tooling, etc.
      7.Work with the operating plant to track project progress and update progress into projects tracking database.
      8.Responsible to collect the procurement requirements in the plant include but not limited in delivery time, brand, technology, installation, maintenance, etc.
      9.Coordinate technical lead & supplier interface resources to Category management, category supplier data to support sourcing decisions, such as quality performance, customer base, delivery performance, level of quality accreditation, technology/process capability and design & development capability.
      10.Drive business plans and performance with top suppliers, conduct supplier assessments for potential new suppliers of key commodities, develop competitive suppliers, supplier management.
      11.Recommend cost savings proposal including make versus buy analysis, alternate sourcing and vendor evaluation criteria.
      12.Maintain all records and documentation of requests for quotations, purchase order initiation, cost reduction reporting, monthly reporting, and all other daily transactions.
      13.Lead in negotiating one-off projects and annual pricing and drive cost reductions to meet objectives.
      14.Take lead on category cost saving initiatives, contributing cost saving strategy and implement accordingly, to meet saving target.
      15.Responsible for data summarization, establish the price database of indirect material purchasing and analysis and proposal on short-term & long-term purchasing strategy programming of indirect materials with relevant cost-effective supply considered.
      16.Systematic management/ procedure optimization on indirect material purchasing activities.

      1.Bachelor degree or above
      2.At least 5 years work experience of indirect materials purchasing incl. equipment, fixture, tooling (incl. plastic injection mould/tooling) package, consumables, etc. in operation demands of manufacturing plant in automotive industry
      3.Optimization experience of systematic management & procedure/process optimization on indirect materials purchasing.
      4.Excellent contract drawing up and management and negotiation skills.
      5.Strong analytical, business process analysis, problem solving capabilities, and decision-making skills.
      6.Good command of the English language.
      7.Good PC office skills, ERP experience preferred.
      學歷要求: 本科 專業類別: 不限
      專業名稱: 不限 戶籍要求: 不限
      適宜性別: 不限
      年齡要求: 不限 工作經驗: 5 年
      外語能力: 英語 良好 計算機能力: 不限
      技能資質: 不限
      其它要求: 不限
      職位首次錄入: 2020-05-29 14:16:55
      MRO Buyer-歐托凱勃汽車線束(太倉)有限公司



      [06-04] MRO Buyer 面議

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